Welcome To Forever Abroad!

Hello and welcome to Forever Abroad. Forever Abroad is a simple Blog website where myself (Brian Paquette) and my girlfriend (Christie Kolb) will be making regular posts updating you with our current status in terms of travel.

Not only will you get to join along in the fun of our travels but on Forever Abroad you will slowly find a lot of really good blog posts about tips, tricks and advice in terms of traveling, long term travel, being self sufficient and living in a van.

We won’t actually be starting our travels until April 2019 and will mostly be doing preparations to our travel such as purchasing a camper van conversion, buying all of the necessary things required to travel long term, getting our vaccinations, etc.

As we learn you can learn with us! We will make slow but periodic blog posts about how we are going about preparing and what our best advice is for you if you are deciding to travel.

Thank you for joining us in this incredible journey! I will have a detailed blog post in the future about what our specific plans are so you can think about maybe doing something similar if it interests you!

Be sure to follow us @_forever_abroad on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! This way you can stay updated when new blog posts are live! All links to social media can be found at the bottom of the page.