About Us

Hello! Welcome to Forever Abroad!

Our names are Brian Paquette and Christie Kolb. We are from Canada and are 24 and 23 year old respectively. For a long time we have felt something is missing. Neither of us have a particular passion that can be easily translated into work. Many people have perfectly content working 40+ hours a week and only going on vacation to travel 1-2 times a year because they really love their job. That’s great! If you want to do that. Christie has her degree as a Hearing Instrument Specialist. She tests hearing and dispenses hearing aids. I have mine in Computer Programming. While both of these jobs can be rewarding for many people, we just can’t seem to find that one thing we love. Until, we found the world of traveling!

We wanted to find a way to live our dream and travel. So we thought, how can we travel forever!? After doing a ton of research, there really is no right way to travel the world and make money to sustain yourself. We will begin our travels in April 2019 and have decided to start our travels in Europe and go from there. Who knows where we will end up. We plan on purchasing a Campervan and traveling to as many places as we can. We found that this method is widely used, especially in Europe, and we think it allows for a lot of freedom compared to backpacking. But we will do whatever we can to make our dream come true!

If you would like to help us live our dream all you need to do is follow us here on forever-abroad.com and also follow as many of our social media accounts as possible, as long as you are comfortable with that! We will slowly be posting more blog posts that may include anything from planning/packing tips, how/where to buy your travel essentials, and in the future posts about what places are great to see and why! So if you follow us on social media you can join us for the journey ahead. We will do whatever we can to share this magical experience of ours and possible help you create your own magical journey and maybe you can help us too!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to live your dream!