Welcome To Forever Abroad!

Hello and welcome to Forever Abroad. To be “Forever Abroad” has been a goal of ours for such a long time – NOW we want to make it a reality! We hope to share our adventure through this Blog. Myself (Brian Paquette) and my wife (Christie Kolb) will be making regular posts, updating you with our current travel status.

So much can change from now until our journey starts!

Not only will you get to join along in the fun of our travels, but Forever Abroad will slowly reveal plenty of great posts about tips and advice useful to anyone looking to travel. There will be information for those interested in minimalism, self-sufficient accommodations, a better life balance, or living in a van for travel.

Our current embark date is set for May, 2019. Until then we plan to slowly start gathering our supplies while working full time Monday through Friday and using our free time to research and prepare for our travel. This is no small task and begins with getting rid of all the belongings and downsizing to fit into a van. Before our journey even begins we will purchase a converted Campervan, buying necessary travel gear (i.e. backpacks, clothing), getting our vaccinations, travel documents, and so much more!

As we learn, you can learn with us! We will make slow but periodic blog posts about our preparations, any changes, fun day trips, tips and tricks we find along the way. We want to provide our best advice to those interested in travel and hope to help inspire others to follow their dreams.

Thank you for joining us in this incredible journey! I will have a detailed blog post in the future about what our specific plans are so you can think about maybe doing something similar if it interests you!

Be sure to follow us @_forever_abroad on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! This way you can stay updated when new blog posts are live! All links to social media can be found at the bottom of the page.